Soy Wax Candle

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This natural blend of soy wax, coconut oil, babassu oil, shea and cocoa butter is ideal and lavish for all skin types, including for an innovative face mask.

When lit, soy candle wax melts, transitioning into a warm, sensual liquid lotion. Our unique product regenerates and moisturises any form of dry skin; our warm, melted lotion is easily absorbed with instantaneous and pleasing results – just perfect for massage and aromatherapy.

Nothing But Nature’s carefully crafted concoction of lavender and vanilla essential oils sensually indulge and relax your mind and skin. 

To enjoy, light the candle wick and allow the flame to burn until the top layer has melted and liquidised. Here, it is necessary to extinguish the flame and carefully test if the temperate is comfortable for use by dipping a finger into wax and sampling on your skin. When deemed a suitable heat, apply from your hand to the desired area and relish in its soothing, replenishing properties.